Our business is growing and constantly changing. We need an IT partner able to manage change and the complex challenges of a multi-site business.

Active IT have shown that they have the technical and organisational capability we need from all our business partners

TF Solutions

Working with Active means that I gain all of the benefits of an in-house IT department, without the headache of managing one and at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you need great service delivery, industry leading expertise, or great products at great prices, Active IT deliver consistently.

Financial Director
P.P O’Connor

We need an IT Support company as adaptable and agile as our own. We cannot afford downtime in an industry where every second counts, and with clients who don’t accept excuses if we fail to deliver what we promise.

Active IT are exactly what we need. Their speed of response along with the knowledge and skills of their engineering team, keep us front and centre.

There Today Couriers

Active IT always told us that we could rely upon them in any crisis, but we never really thought that we would have to hold them to their word.

On the day we lost all our IT equipment due to a break in and our business ground to a halt, everything changed.

One call to Active IT brought an immediate response from their Disaster Recovery Team and we were able to get back to work the very same day.

Active IT delivered everything we needed with a fast, calm, highly organised and professional service. As their slogan promised, they took care of our IT, so we could take care of business!


No matter what problem I'm having, Active takes care of it. I love the fact that they are a one-stop-shop for all things technical. Even if they can't provide the service themselves, they know someone who can.


I used to get a LOT of unwanted email before Active helped us with our spam problems. I save a TON of time not having to filter through all the bad email which leaves me more time to get important things done.

Kirkland Developments

I was massively impressed how fast you were able to get our computers up and running at our new remote location. It took 6 days to get telephone and internet there, but you had us up and running within 15 minutes of walking in the door.

TF Solutions

Active IT set up our new server and computers with hardly any interruption. We always receive very rapid response to a phone call or email. It's nice to finally have someone to support us with our technology issues. Our computers have never worked better.

Space Comms

Since hiring Active IT the biggest benefit I've experienced is confidence in service. I don't worry about our computers or backup from day to day anymore.

Richard Butler Furniture